Innovative push-operated smart faucet solutions

How does it save water ?

With the faucet’s on/off controls moved to knee-height, the user can turn the faucet off more easily unencumbered. In addition, WIFLOW comes with an automatic timing device which turns the faucet off after a minute (the time it takes to fill a pressure cooker).

Can it be installed to any water point ?

You can install the WIFLOW to any unit with doors or drawers at knee-level, except those with automatic opening systems (power-assisted or mechanically assisted drawers)

How long does it take to install a WIFLOW ?

WIFLOW was developed so that it could be installed by anyone. No drilling or screws, no specific equipment needed, it can be installed with ease in 20 minutes to 1 hour.

False starts ?

The WIFLOW is a hi-tech product which only takes into account deliberate pressure and not involuntary pressure such as: jolts, door slamming, children, etc.

The WIFLOW and children ?

With the WIFLOW, children have access to water without having to get on a stool which reduces the risk of falling. If the child forgets to turn the faucet off, it stops automatically after a minute. You also still have the option of turning the faucet off in the traditional way.

I live in a region with hard water, is this product right for me ?

The standard WIFLOW comes with a filter to reduce clogging. The valves have been developed in such a way that limescale cannot build up easily. Nevertheless, to prevent any risk of corrosion to appliances and plumbing fixtures, we strongly recommend that you install an anti-lime scale device.

What type of power supply ?

WIFLOW is available either with AC power, which complies with European standards, or a battery case (4 AA batteries). The batteries have a life of 2 to 3 years when the faucet is turned on and off 50 times a day. The WIFLOW comes with a bypass to allow you to use it as a standard faucet in the event of a power outage.

Can it be installed on any faucet ?

The WIFLOW meets standard 3/8 (12/17) and is fitted with seals and filters. As such it is compatible with any faucet (pillar, thermostatic mixing valve, with or without pull-out sprayer) except electronic faucets.


You can find Start and Flow and Wiflow across France and soon in major European countries.
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Startandflow is a high-end product fitted by our network of installers.

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Wiflow is available in DIY stores. You can install it yourself !

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