Innovative push-operated smart faucet solutions

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, Wiflow is a solution that :


fleche wiflow Because Wiflow enables you to make savings on water of up to 50%

With just a nudge of the knee, Wiflow gives you all the water you need.
A short tap turns the water on or off, maintaining the pressure runs the water until you let go.
Either way, the water stops automatically after one minute. So even if your hands are full, your faucet is under control … and therefore your consumption is lower!


fleche wiflow Because Wiflow frees up dirty hands so they no longer come into contact with the faucet.

The hands-free solutions are used in industry equipment. With Wiflow, no more dirty faucets. It limits the spread of germs from handling.


fleche wiflow Because with Wiflow furniture becomes tactile and knows when it is being tapped deliberately.

The front of the sink unit becomes completely sensitive to being nudged by the knee. Wiflow responds in an instant. It knows the difference between jolts (door slamming, children playing etc.) and deliberate pressure, and automatically calibrates itself to the unit with no need to adjust settings.
Wiflow can be installed easily on any faucet.


You can find Start and Flow and Wiflow across France and soon in major European countries.
For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

packaging sstartandflow

Startandflow is a high-end product fitted by our network of installers.

packaging wiflow

Wiflow is available in DIY stores. You can install it yourself !

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