start and flow

The START AND FLOW water-saving devive - THE KNEE-FAUCET.

80% of our water consumption is wasted and goes straight down the drain. With START AND FLOW, no more waste when you have your hands full!

The START AND FLOW enables you to run water by tapping your knee against the doors or drawers of the sink unit. This saves water and money and is more hygienic. The knee-faucet controls are out of sight and do not take away from the storage space within the unit.


You can find Start and Flow and Wiflow across France and soon in major European countries.
For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

packaging sstartandflow

Startandflow is a high-end product fitted by our network of installers.

packaging wiflow

Wiflow is available in DIY stores. You can install it yourself !

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